I write, publish and perform work about our ecology, specifically our relationship with the ocean: through poems, artistbooks and immersive walks. 

I run workshops to deepen my practice and share with others the value and intrinsic role of creativity in our lives.

My work as a poet and facilitator begins where I am based on Morecambe Bay, near Lancaster, UK, and spreads regionally, nationally and internationally.

My blog, below, reveals more about my creative practice and influences.

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  • Listening to the Unseen
    With thanks to the NWCDTP I'm off to Svalbard in June (via - appropriately - some Marine Transgression in Bristol). I'm not sure when I first heard the name Svalbard (only in existence since the 1920s when the archipelago came under Norwegian sovereignty), but in some sense it feels like my body has known it […]
  • On flying and its contrails
    The trip was everything and nothing I'd imagined. You can read about what we got up to here.  This post is more about where I've been in the weeks since returning.My return flight to Longyearbyen Svalbard from Manchester UK was, apparently, equal in its carbon emissions to one person’s yearly output in India (a per […]
  • Sea of Whiteness, as Glacier
    After much faffing, scalpeling, glueing, sewing and thinking I've made this book / glacier / poem. It began life onboard the SS Antigua alongisde Bloomstrandbreen in Svalbard waters, and is being set afloat in the world from my corner of Morecambe Bay. I've already written much about the process, and just want to add how […]
  • A Writer's Imaginarium
    I am really looking forward to running another Imaginarium again in the autumn. This photo sums up much of the reasons why. I love how tricky it is to see the horizon line between sea and sky, how it questions exactly where that boundary is. This idea of writing beyond our immediate horizon underpins the […]
  • The World is Dead! Long Live the World!
    I was invited to participate in a residency - Let's Talk about the Anthropocene - this summer in Brighton by Adele Gibson who I met on the Arctic Circle residency last year. Adele, coming home from the Arctic and needing to act, won ACE funding for the residency and an accompanying exhibition.The exhibition was set […]

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