I write, publish and perform work about our ecology, specifically our relationship with the ocean: through poems, artistbooks and immersive walks. 

I run workshops to deepen my practice and share with others the value and intrinsic role of creativity in our lives. ** Imaginarium Summer is open for applications – more info on this page **

My work as a poet and facilitator begins where I am based on Morecambe Bay, near Lancaster, UK, and spreads regionally, nationally and internationally.

My blog, below, reveals more about my creative practice and influences.

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  • the hispering
    Today is launch day for the hispering, a chapbook I didn't see coming. This time last year, when here in the UK I was one of many beginning to feel increasingly nervous over what was happening in China and had appeared in Italy, I had no idea I would be celebrating this curio a year later. […]
  • multiple thinkings through a pandemic
    The welcome paperpack for the online ImaginariumYears ago I asked a friend if having a child was a useful distraction to what seemed like at the time the relentless turmoils of life. We were in our thirties and her son was a toddler. She said to a point, yes, although she found being distracted from […]
  • Extraction
    with Joan Eardley's 'Winter Sea'Something happened in the later stages of setting melt to make clear I have as much control over it as I do the ocean. Which while frustrating is ironic. I set out for these poems to capture some of the forces of ocean, and of course those forces are, in part, […]
  • The Subtleties of Violence
    Shapes and forms in Barbara Hepworth's studio, St Ives I've been thinking about Sasha Dugdale's recent poetry collection Deformations a lot since I read it over the summer, and its shortlisting for the TS Eliot prize has prompted me to think aloud about what hooked me about it. I've still only read the first two sections […]
  • Towards a Stranding
    It is perhaps no surprise that my first project after submitting 40000 words of literary theory / criticism and a creative portfolio that made up my phd thesis is a book of illegible scribble, paper cut ups with an audio soundtrack that is more sound than spoken word. Above is the first page of eight […]

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