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I write, publish and perform work about our ecology and personal and social histories. I share my practice, so others can see, feel and understand the value and intrinsic role of creativity in our well being.

My work as a poet, celebrant and facilitator begins where I am based on Morecambe Bay, near Lancaster, UK, and spreads regionally, nationally and internationally.

Through the menu above you can explore my writing and ceremony work, and what I offer for writers (coaching, mentoring…) and
readers (events…).

While my blog, below, tells you a more about my creative practice and influences.

echo sounding

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  • Reading into the Light
    photo taken from @seanhewitt on TwitterLast Saturday at Ilkley Literature Festival  I had the rare pleasure of reading poems to an empty room. It wasn't completely empty. I had fellow poets/readers Helen Tookey and Seán Hewitt with me; and rows of pages from Tom Phillips' A Humument . But for the first few minutes of our set […]
  • Finding quartz in granite
    Myself and Maya Chowdhry (who took this pic) have been researching for a new immersive walk - in Aberdeen. As with previous walks I'm interested in how to fuse the past and present of a place with a potential future. Peeling back the layers that are both visible and invisible in the architecture, landscape, waterways. […]
  • Of Angels and Hope
    The Imaginarium is soon to be open for business - first session on 5th September - so I've been picking the minds of some of my favourite writers and thinkers for stimulation. So far I've found Jorie Graham on education: "Our educational philosophies at present are so desperately specialized, so goal-oriented, we have forgotten that […]
  • That which is not already shaped
    I took an old printer to a pc fixit friend at the weekend and left it with him, saying, "Fingers crossed, we need something good to happen...".      "Sounds like something bad has happened." He looked blank.      "Thursday?" I prompted.      Still blank.      "Come on, surely, the referendum..."    […]
  • Self-portrait in plastic
    I have a reading tonight. I was planning to read a reasonably new sequence of poems about rubbish found on the beach. Now, after the shooting of Jo Cox, in the midst of an aggressive yet petty campaign focused on blame, alongside the violence of young men who proudly call themselves 'hooligans' and seek out […]

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