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I write, publish and perform work about our ecology and personal and social histories: through poems, artistbooks and immersive walks. My current focus is our relationship with the sea.

I share my practice so others can see, feel and understand the value and intrinsic role of creativity in our lives.

My work as a poet and facilitator begins where I am based on Morecambe Bay, near Lancaster, UK, and spreads regionally, nationally and internationally.

Through the menu above you can explore my writing and ceremony work, and what I offer for writers (coaching, mentoring…) and
readers (events…).

My blog, below, reveals more about my creative practice and influences.

echo sounding

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  • Fold upon fold upon fold
    As part of Lancaster Words Festival, artist Sally Slade Payne and myself ran a writing and book-making workshop on plankton for 7-10 year olds (and their adult). It's been a while since I've worked with that age group and I'd forgotten just how much fun and zeal there is to be had. Everyone pitched in […]
  • What the real prize is
    It was my last class last night before the summer break begins: two months of thinking about the books and bindings I've stitched and glued and what I might use them for. With a stonkingly stimulating class a week many of us felt there hasn't been the time to think how we might put to […]
  • seeing the sea
    These are my first ever two-colour lino cuts. My first - last week's single colour - of a minke whale - did not work well enough to share beyond the workshop, so this week I decided to move to the other end of the oceanic spectrum: phytoplankton. A¬†few drops of seawater contains about a million […]
  • Screenprinting the ocean
    I laid out the poem a fortnight ago for it to be set into a screen prior to last night's class, so I was already at one remove from it. It's a poem I wrote at the Manchester Art Gallery last year, in response to a drawing by Hondartza Fraga. We were to make several […]
  • Mermaids and other consciousness
    This is a trace monoprint. Before yesterday I didn't know such things existed. We were introduced to it at the Hot Bed Press class as a simple way of making edition images. I was skeptical, I'm not an image maker and because of the process any text would have be written backwards. Now I love […]

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