Cover painting: Winter Sea III by Joan Eardley

a wise book that asks us to read slowly.  Deryn Rees-Jones

There is mourning… there is questioning … there is also hope, and above all a boundless sense of curiosity Helen Tookey

extending what is possible for the human body within the more-than-human world Harriet Tarlo

melt is a love song to the ocean, of hope and grief, of belonging and longing. It begins in the north west of England, on the shores of Morecambe Bay, and ends in a future that may or may not have been foreseen in the Arctic. (more on my blog) Buy direct from me or from Waterloo Press

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Best enjoyed in a darkened room, Towards a Stranding is a Hymas&Lewis soundscape of a poem from melt. You can listen to it here

image: Sally Slade Payne

A five minute excerpt from the zoom launch, 10th January 2021

For Sea is a short filmic introduction to Morecambe Bay and my approach to its waters

The golden plankton : will you find one in your copy?
phytoplankton, those tiny marine plants, provide the oxygen for our every second breath. To celebrate their existence I’m slipping a paper re/de/construction of one in random copies of melt purchased from me.

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