Recent Work


I live by Morecambe Bay and this influences most of what I write at the moment. I’m not focusing on the sea and weather, but also the history of the place,  which is directly linked to the larger notions of ‘history’ and ‘future’. The space has also developed my sense of sound, and interest in the discreet rhythms of speech and language.

The best place to get a feel of my current creative work is Echo Soundings

As well as the single collections, I’ve had poems published in magazines including, New Writing 15, Magma, The Rialto, Poetry Wales, Warwick Review, Washington Square Review, Stand, Tadeeb, Keystone, Iota, Staple, Tears in the Fence, Rain Dog, The Leeds Guide, Orbis, Agenda, The Slab, Smiths Knoll, Shadowtrain, Cadenza, Raconteur. My work has also appeared in multimedia exhibits, dance videos, theatre programmes, pamphlets, public installations and used as lyrics.