With Maya Chowdhry

I have collaborated over many years with the artistactivist Maya Chowdhry

Ripple - Menier Gallery Ripple | Butterfly Orchid
Ripple was a triptych of freestanding oversized artist books that use augmented reality, organic objects and poetic text to explore climate change 

The Seventh Door was  a self-guided audiowalk through Aberdeen, from the docks to the Music Hall, via six doorways. These portals to the past, present and future suggest the city might not be quite as it seems.

Tales from the Towpath is a story of Manchester waterways and their ecological fate. It spans the Victorian city to an uncertain future 50 years from now.

Kah Kow was designed by Martin Chester for Litfest

Haiku, Litfest 
Haiku was a growing haiku of cress seeds.