Imaginarium Earth

Imaginarium Earth is a six month editorial programme for writers with an early draft wanting a new and supportive way of editing their work

Who’s it for?

Any writer, of any genre, any subject, looking for a new / supportive community alongside whom  to edit / redraft a body of work*

  • who can commit to most of the fortnightly Monday night online sessions
  • who wants to go from being in the dark to having a clearer view of a particular project
  • who enjoys discussion and engaging with other people’s work as much as their own, seeing that as a way to enrich their own process
  • who has love and respect for the earth and is wanting to enfold that relationship into their writing / editing process.

You do not need to be writing a nature-based work, or refer to the natural world explicitly within the writing. 

* A ‘body of work’ refers to a pamphlet or more of poems, a collection or bundle of short stories, a 20+ min script, a piece of prose 15k + words in length, or some other longer length work


  • Turn an early (possibly messy) draft into something more coherent.
  • Build confidence and joy in the editorial stage.
  • See the earth as a teacher of creativity, and build on the six elements for creative experimentation.
  • Keep the creative spirit alive and fresh throughout the redrafting process.

You will be invited to

  • Draw on the earth’s processes to guide your editorial process
  • Reset your perception of your work through a wider reset of perceptions towards the world you inhabit
  • Become a part of a small community of committed writers each editing their work
  • Hold an expansive view of your ideas, influences and processes, while making focused edits on your work


We’ll meet fortnightly, online for 90 minute sessions. These will alternate between peer feedback and more wide-ranging discussions on process and keeping going
Interim worksheets / provocations full of questions and invitations
An inclusive hour long one-to-one coaching/mentoring session with me, which could be face to face (in Lancaster area), online or phone.
More info on the ethos of an Imaginarium is here

Session dates
All sessions run 7-8:30pm, Monday nights, on zoom.
Intro session: 18th Dec;
Earth: 15th & 29th Jan;
Air: 12th & 26th Feb; 
Space: 11th & 25th March
Fire: 8th & 22nd April
Water: 6th & 20th May
Consciousness: 3rd & 17th June


There are three self-selecting bands:
£270 full; £150 mid-range; £90 concs; 1 free bursary place is available.
This includes all sessions, resources and an optional one to one tutorial.
Please choose whichever band feels most affordable to your current situation

Expressions of Interest

There are 8 places. Unlike previous years I’m definitely capping at 8 (!)
If you’d like to join this Imaginarium, please email me sehymas [at]
1. A rough outline of the draft project, including its genre and subject matter, you want to work on between Dec 23 and June 24*
2. Which fee band you’ll be paying
3. Any access needs
4. Any questions
*This is not about me deciding how good your work is, more an ambition to create a mix of genres for the group. 

Please send your interest by 16th November at the latest and I’ll get back to you asap.