Imaginarium Half and Half

Two mornings, online, to explore your writing potential

Half and Half runs two online workshops across two Saturday mornings, a fortnight apart filled with offline provocations to keep your project cooking. It’s a writing laboratory to kick-start a new project, pick up the threads of an old one, or tinker with an unfledged idea. Coming with the promise of spring growth, it offers a space to play, think, write, and discuss around something – a word, an image, a story – that just won’t let you go. The two workshops linked by two weeks of your own thinking and tinkering time aim to find and encourage a process that will support your  idea/writing/project while teasing out ways into and out of the writing.

Writers of any experience and genre interested in expanding their imaginative process are welcome. The aim is to draw together a dynamic mix of writers working across genres and subject areas.

Eight writers. Two half day workshops. One tutorial. Saturdays 17th April & 1st May

This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal.       Toni Morrison

Each morning workshop offers a small group, working in pairs, small and larger groups, as well as solo, to flesh out words, ideas, and forms to develop confidence and/or a more tangible vision for your new project. Both half days will be on zoom. Creative play and exploration are the foundations of this  unfolding and unknowing. Optional provocations will be emailed to you through the fortnight between the workshops, to nourish your imagination and stimulate your creative practice.

Each participant has (and is) a buddy for creative companionship. Each pair decides how this will best work for you. You are also offered a follow-up one-to-one tutorial with me at a time of your choosing after the second online session, to keep the motivation buoyant and words flowing beyond the programme.

If you’d like a taster of how I work, you could try the Imaginarium Solo.
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Workshops will run 1000-1230 on Saturday 17th April and 1st May

There are three self-selecting bands, with a limited number of places for each band:
£50;  £80;  £150 
Please choose the amount that best fits your capacity. 

The hour long one-to-one tutorial with me is for whatever is most useful to you: focused feedback, to discuss planning, process whatever you fancy. 

The hope is you’ll deepen your imaginative experiences, and be equipped with new energy and skills to continue to grow as writers.

Expressions of Interest / How to Apply

To create a diverse range of writing genres, experiences and complementary buddies, I ask people to send through a bit of information. This isn’t about how good your writing or ideas are, just an attempt to create a sparkling spread of genres and projects.
Please send:

  1. a brief description of the project you will be working on / beginning (max 50 words).
  2. what interests you in the Imaginarium (max 50 words)
  3. an indication of which payment option will you be on.

to: sehymas [at] by end of day on 22nd March

*Deciding on your fee is at your discretion. This programme aims to be accessible to anyone interested in developing their writing.