Walk with Us

From August 2020 – (hopefully) July 2022 I’m part of a team of creative practitioners (Maya Chowdhry and Alex Peckham) making an augmented reality walk in partnership with the National Oceanography Centre for the seafronts of Dawlish (pictured) and Penzance.

The walk will incorporate data from a new NOC ‘wirewall’ and existing local monitoring sites on wave height and speed, water levels, tides, beach movement, wind and other weather info into a fictional narrative. There’ll be stopping points along the seafront (and beach, tide permitting) that offer people to re-view the sea, beach and seawall. Through spoken word and visuals we’ll explore coastal erosion, climate change and the oceanic ecology, asking what is coastal resilience. By July 2022 we should have an entertaining walk that illuminates the work of the NOC, and past and future changes in the coastal environment. More info here